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H wrote on May 12, 2012:
This is from a Liverpool Fan who goes home, away and euorpe. I know our rivalry sometimes goes too far, and fans from both sides are drawn into vile chanting about death. But if any half decent person actually thinks about what they are chanting they should be disgusted with themselves. Nobody, whether it be fans, players, managers or anyone deserves to go to a football match and not return. At the end of the day it is only a game, and nowhere near as important as human life itself. I would like to sincerely apologise for any remarks off the cuff I may have made in moments of anger in my more youthful years regarding Munich, such remarks are some of my biggest regrets, and I feel nothing but shame for them now

Rest in Peace Busby Babes YNWA
Kady cavannagh wrote on April 16, 2012:
The screams have turned to silence,

The pain still raw and deep,

And on this day we wont forget

The 23 that went to sleep.

From near and far we gathered,

Standing side by side,

Through silent tears we prayed for you

And remembered you with pride.

From Old Trafford and Etihad Stadium

And grounds around this land,

A sporting world united

And joined us hand in hand.

We never will forget you,

And you're never on your own.

For the 23 who've left us ~

The Red Flag Will Always Fly For Man united Will Never Die.
Andy N wrote on April 15, 2012:
A short poem about this can be found here -
UK Sports wrote on February 26, 2012:
great post I'm a big manchester utd fan from LA USA
Ted Funnell wrote on February 21, 2012:
Duncan you were truly Great .. you will never be forgotten after 54 years .. It does'nt seem like 54 years ago Today when you went to heaven .. and "Thank you" for playing at Welling with the youth team in 1954 and leaving us with wonderful memories.
"God Bless" ... Ted.
Hussein Abbas wrote on February 17, 2012:
Just saw the film 'united' and it really made me emotional. Great tribute to the busby babes who died on that fatefull day and to its survivors. Am a die hard fan of man utd and the winning mentality and legacy goes on since 1958. FOREVER REMEBERING THE 58' BUSBY BABES.
Steve Douglas wrote on February 8, 2012:
God Bless you all in the real Theatre of Dreams, footballers made in heaven - returned home 6th Feb 1958. Thoughts to all family and friends of those players and others in the united family lost on that fatefull day.Oh for a Big Dunc in our team today.
Alan Kearns wrote on February 8, 2012:
its been a weird week, United 3 - 3 v chelsea (United 3 - 3 v red star belgrade 5th Feb 1958), Harry Rednapp's plane to liverpool had technical difficulties on Monday (54 years to the day of that fatal and tregic afternoon in munich). 15.04 on the 6th Feb 1958 will always be remembered as the saddest day in manchester united history, but also the day that showed the world that Man united will never die. With no players and a third of the season left to play, united ended up as beaten FA Cup finalists that May, The Busby Babes were not on the pitch or in the dressing room physicaly but they were there spirttually and our still with us today. RIP Busby Babes - the flowers of Manchester are gone but never forgotten.
Gerald Camp wrote on February 7, 2012:
I never saw you play but you will be forever in my heart
a mufc &fcum fan
trish lee wrote on February 6, 2012:
never forgotten and always remembered - the team and spirit play on RIP the babes - we ll never die x x
Martyna Zubik wrote on February 6, 2012:
Polish fans will always remember. I miss you every day Boys, rest in peace...
keith rogers wrote on February 6, 2012:
Another year gone by but its no easier. I still miss you babes, you really were the greatest. A fulham fan keith rogers
Martin Curran wrote on February 6, 2012:
Busby Babes The Flowers of Manchester RIP
karim wrote on February 6, 2012:
R.I.P Babes....Remembered for eternity...
Rúnar Haukur Ingimarsson wrote on February 6, 2012:
Gone, but never forgotten R.I.P Busby Babes
Carole wrote on February 6, 2012:
RIP The Busby Babes 06.02.58 Never Forgotten
Jordan Armstrong wrote on February 6, 2012:
Legends!! Gone but never forgotten. Flowers of Manchester
Harry Courtney-Smith wrote on February 6, 2012:
A broken heart, a broken dream, a broken plane, a broken team, no words were said, a silent vow, we loved you then, we love you now.

Champions of Heaven since 1958.
Leia wrote on February 6, 2012:
As the years go by, the aching in our hearts increase, the memories more vivid of a team that was taken too early. We'll never forget them, we won't let football forget them.

RIP The Babes, the flowers of Manchester.
Sean Carroll wrote on February 6, 2012:
Forever and ever. Always in our hearts. RIP Babes.

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