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Mark Curtis wrote on September 19, 2018
The horrors of 1958 will forever be etched into our legacy. The resilience to rise again from the darkened floor. I for one shall never forget.
Andrew wrote on September 19, 2018
I wasn't born when the disaster happened but all I know that I love this club and always will. such an amazing squad back then and who knows what players they would off become in time. But I have learned so much about Manchester united through the years and we will never forget our stars rip you will never be forgotten
Mark Goldbridge wrote on September 19, 2018
My Grandad Gordon loved the Busby Babes. Not because of the tragedy that defined them, but for their youthful exuberance and talent that lit up the footballing world in the years before that horrible day in February 1958.

Because of them my Grandad followed Manchester United all his life, because of him I follow Manchester United, and because of me my family and friends will know the story of the Busby Babes and why they and all those lost in Munich will never be forgotten.
Dave Simpson wrote on September 11, 2018
I was just a few months old at the time of the Munich Air Disaster so never had the pleasure of seeing them play. However, their legend lived on, and will do so forever and ever. My first game at Old Trafford was in 1967 and I was lucky enough to be at the last game of that season, whn United were presented with the League Championship trophy. Obviously, this gave us another tilt at the European Cup and, as we all know, the 67/68 season culminated in us winning the Holy Grail and seeing Sir Matt realise his dream. Almost 50 years after that fantastic win at Wembley, and 60 years after the tragedy at Munich, I travelled with an army of Reds to pay tribute to the players, staff, and other victims of that terrible disaster. Without a shadow of a doubt, it was the best trip I've been on with my United "family". I was lucky enough to visit the Rechts der Isar hospital and meet some of the staff who tended to the injured, and then attended the very moving speeches and tributes at the memorial and, as usual, my eyes welled up listening to our very own Tracey Malone singing "The Flowers of Manchester". I'm so glad, and proud, that you lads have set up the MMMF, demonstrating your love and affection for the history, past,present and future of OUR Football Club. Respect to all of you. Cheers....Simmo
roberta gray wrote on August 5, 2018
in memory of all the busby babes who lost their lives so tragically

on that after noon in 1958


the daughter of a life time fan of Manchester United

Rip god bless you all.
janet wrote on February 21, 2018
Duncan Edwards RIP
Paul Boswell wrote on February 17, 2018
If i could live just one day in my life, it would be 23rd Nov 1957, St James Park, Newcastle. My 12th Birthday, and the one and only time i saw United babes play. 1-0 down and time running out, Tommy and Duncan did the rest, 2-1 winners. Always remembered forever and a day. R.I.P. Paul B.
Keith rogers wrote on February 6, 2018
My eyes are full of tears my heart feels broken
It's 60 years since you left us but we will never forget you boys.
PLAY on LADS play well in heaven.
Each year it hurts a little more.
A Fulham supporter but United with Manchester
Janet Steven and Gordon wrote on February 5, 2018
Another year gone by It still hurts May they rest in peace Always UNITED
I. Greenwood wrote on February 3, 2018
My dad used to recall the day when the news of the tragedy started coming through.He was making his way home and was walking through Manchester City centre and noticed that people were crying in the street. He wondered what terrible thing might have happened to cause this . He stopped to asked someone and that's when he too heard the awful news and stood side by side with strangers weeping for the Busby Babes.
Mark Armstrong wrote on February 2, 2018
Only recently did I hear the story that apparently Jimmy Murphy didn't think that Eddie Colman was quite good enough, but apparently Chief Scout Joe Armstrong convinced him otherwise. And how right he was. Little Joe Armstrong was my Grandfather and as I child I saw so many pictures of the Busby Babes that I though they were family. On 6th Feb 1958, when news reached Old Trafford, my Grandfather knew which of the players families didn't have telephones, so while Jimmy Murphy rang families and did what he could there, 64 year old Joe went out on foot, or by taxi, to break news to the other relatives. The weeks after were filled with funerals to attend, but somehow the Club kept going. We must always remember them.
Pete Martin wrote on February 2, 2018
Every year it happens, every anniversary it all comes back when I walked into our house from school and me mam told me that there had been a plane crash and some of Manchester United's players were involved. Then there was the waiting ...... because in those days we had no TV and the news only came on the wireless (radio) a couple of times a night and I think it was 9 o'clock when everyone (I am from a family of 12 children) crowded around the wireless to have the bad news confirmed. I still feel the shock and it still seems unbelievable - it CAN'T be true, this is not happening. Sadly it is still true and the pain is still there. The only thing we can do is remember. Remember and pay our respects. Well tomorrow there will be thousands gathered in front of the plaque and we will remember, with smiles and tears. And we will sing our hearts out in honour of your passing - so young, so talented.... This is all we can do, remember and pay our respects so let us all do it together and be proud that these players played for OUR club and still hold the respect of all the football world. Though life's moved on, the Reds continue. We've plumbed the depths, we've reached the sky. Our memories of the Flowers of Manchester, like Man United will NEVER die.......
David White wrote on January 30, 2018
You were the greatest team I have seen in over 60 years of following Manchester United.

You gave us all immense pleasure in the fresh, fast and honest attacking football that you played.

I still hurt when I think of that fateful day and the awful crash.
Keith rogers wrote on January 19, 2018
Yet another year and still hurting. you were and still are the greatest team to ever grace any pitch. NEVER WILL YOU BE FORGOTTEN.
Tom Clare wrote on January 18, 2018
The 60th Anniversary is almost here, and yet, I still recall with great clarity the happenings of that bleak, grey, Thursday - especially from first hearing of the accident at around 5pm GMT. It was unthinkable that most of the young boys and men who I had grown up alongside, and had watched them break through from youth players to become established first team players, and most international stara - would never be seen on the field of play again.

I will be visiting Munich and the Kirchtrudering Memorials in two weeks time and will find it very emotional as this will be almost certainly the last opportunity that I get. It says so much about how revered the "Babes" are when over 1000 Reds plus will also make this pilgrimage.

Sleep on in your peace dear "Babes" - you, and the legend and foundation that you left with us, will NEVER be forgotten.
Michael Coughlan wrote on January 13, 2018
I was born two years after the crash so never got go see the Babes play.However one of my fondest childhood memories is sat around the kitchen table with my brothers and sisters and my dad telling stories about them.Those stories were our United education and the start of the love affair which still exists today. Everything that United have achieved since then is in memory to those red shirted heroes
Terje Nystrøm wrote on July 8, 2017
It was a great team, champions in England, and semi finals in Europe. And they became all legends, especially Duncan Edwards. I am certain United would have won the European cup, and Big Dunc would have won the Ballon d`Or.
Keep their memory alive!
Dave Wharton wrote on May 27, 2017
I only wish I could have seen those lads play. As long as I live, they will be in my thoughts and in my heart.
richard owen wrote on March 4, 2017
I served with Eddie Colman in 7th.Trng. Regt Royal Signals at Catterick Garrison, Yorks 1955/56. He was the unit rat-catcher.He always got the weekends off to play for Utd. A true gentleman always found the time to play five a side in the unit gym. Always left us standing. R.I.P.
John Tomlinson wrote on February 8, 2017
My boyhood heroes, never forgotten. Man utd will never die

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