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Anthony Mckay wrote on January 15, 2019
You will never be forgotten, never grow old, passed from one generation to the next, rest in peace.
Peter Hubball wrote on January 15, 2019
Twas the night before Christmas, Old Trafford was bare. The staff all gone home, there was nobody there.. The lights cast a shadow, a soft glimmer which lit up the soft green grass on the pitch.

Just as the clock gave out its twelfth chime An old man appeared, as if frozen in time. He gazed at the tunnel, then broke out in voice “ITS TIME TO BEGIN.. LETS HAVE YOU MY BOYS”

Out from the tunnel appeared a lone figure Same as in life, only infinitely bigger The old man called out as he slowly drew near “good evening Duncan, are the rest of you here”

The figure broke out in wide open smile “Good Evening Sir Matt, it has been a long while The rest are all coming, they’ll be here soon,” As seven more shadows were cast by the moon.

Whelan and Bent, Pegg, Taylor and Byrne, Jones , and Colman, they came out in turn. He greeted each one, just by calling their name then proudly announced “do you fancy a game”

They took to the pitch, and the still night was broken By leather on leather, not one word was spoken They played once again, like they did long before And imagined the sound of the Old Trafford roar

Edwards called out “come on lads lets pretend That we’ve just scored a goal at the old Stretford End” As they ran to the edge of the pitch by the goal There in the stands sat a solitary soul.

His eyes were all puffy, his cheeks wet with tears As his mind wandered back to those wonderful years “come down and join us” they cried all as one “yes come down and join them” said Matt “go on son”

The lonely man stood and with much pain he said “I’m afraid I can’t play with you, you are all dead. You are all ghosts, and I am alive That was the price that I paid to survive”

My role was to go on, inspire the team And finally realise Matt Busbys dream To tell of your greatness, and as I get older To burden the weight of your life on my shoulders.”

The ghost of Sir Matt then raised up his head Giving out a loud groan, he finally said “Bobby, You survived, that much is true But we wouldn’t be here if it were not for you

For you are the one who has kept us alive That was the reason you had to survive If you were with us, all we have would be gone And the game that we play could no longer go on

If you can’t understand why it happened this way Then come here and watch when United play They sing about us, they remember us all We live and we breathe with each kick of the ball

The legends that live here, Robson and Best, Cantona, Law, Giggs, Scholes and the rest They are us, we are them, we are all here as one And that is the reason United goes on

So come down and join us, we’re begging you do You are still one of us, and we’re still one of you” And then Bobbys face rose and he gave them a smile And he said “I would love to come play for a while”

They played and they played, as they did in the past Only not quite as skillful, and not quite as fast And when it was over, and when it was done They’d defeated Benfica by four goals to one.

Then Sir Matt said “lads, its been fun you know But It’s now Christmas day, and we really must go” They walked to the front of the stadium and turned And Sir Bobby said “there is something I’ve learned”

“You did not die, on that February night You’re still here with us, as you’re with me tonight And you’ll live on forever as long as we play As the ghosts disappeared down Sir Matt Busby way….
David Garswood wrote on January 15, 2019
The years pass, but we still remember. We always will. Those young lads, great football players, all their lives ahead of them. They were ahead of their time, yet sadly air travel was in its infancy. Lessons of safety and dangers, still had to be learned....
In an instant, the dream was destroyed. 23 people dead. The worst tragedy to ever hit English football, as it also robbed the national team of 6 or 7 regulars and future members.
They were a truly magnificent side who played flowing, entertaining football. If there is another life, theyll be playing on still, I'm sure.

God bless the 'Babes', the journalists, and all others who lost their lives that terrible day in 1958. Never forgotten, never will be.
Steve Holland wrote on January 15, 2019
The Flowers of Manchester will never be forgotten. Legends all. RIP
Stuart Ross wrote on January 15, 2019
The Flowers Of Manchester Continue To Bloom RIP Busby Babes
Wahid wrote on January 15, 2019
To the men who laid the foundation for the club we all love and enjoy, we salute you with love and respect and hope you’re playing football in heaven with the greats. You guys wore the Jersey with pride and love.Thank you Sir Matt, Jimmy and the boys for laying the magical foundation of the great club Manchester United has become. We will never forget you. Glory glory Manchester United
Anne Hand wrote on January 14, 2019
We heard the dreadful news on the radio and it was the only time I ever saw my dad cry. He was a Manchester born and bred working class man and they just didn’t cry !
It was heartbreaking losing so many young lives.. so much talent lost. I have always followed United and feel quite proud of the way the club remembers with love and gratitude the boys who didn’t come home . United is a family of supporters the world over.
Jan Freddy Olsen wrote on January 14, 2019
We'll Never Die.


JF Olsen
Brian Morgan wrote on January 14, 2019
Busby's babes, even though ye were around before my time I love reading stories about the team. What a pleasure it must have been to see ye play especially you Duncan. you inspired and set the standards for future generations. Thank you RIP. ❤
richard hawkins wrote on January 14, 2019
Forever young,forever in our hearts. Rest in peace,keep the red flag flying high cause Man It's will never die
Philip Moran wrote on January 14, 2019
I was at primary school when the Munich disaster occurred. I remember the moment we learnt the news at a friends house. The shock drained the blood from our faces and I will never forget that time or the wonderful players we lost. Thank you Sir Matt, Jimmy and the boys for laying the magical foundation of the great club Manchester United has become. We will never forget you nor will those who take our place.
Natasha Pierce wrote on January 14, 2019
May we remember all who died at Munich on 1958 my great-grandfather Tom Jackson the sports journalist for the Manchester evening news was among them. We will never die! The flowers of English football the flowers of Manchester.
Felix Marshall wrote on January 14, 2019
True heroes of Manchester United and football. Gone, but never forgotten.
Rip Busby Babes.
Martin Harle wrote on December 10, 2018
We'll never die

RIP Busby Babes
Tim Sterrett wrote on October 19, 2018
The Munich disaster has been the foundation of our club, from the ashes of that air crash came the greatest football club ever built.
So many people from all over the globe now follow the Reds, I'm a Northern Irish man myself, and from I was 10 years old I have made the trek to the Theatre of dreams many times, some times the team have struggled to meet the expectations of the fans, one thing always hit me in the heart ! when you take that look around the packed stands and see our fan base is now more Global than any all clubs in the world, its all because of Munich 58 !! God rest their souls and God bless UNITED !! We'll never die !
Tommy Jordache wrote on September 21, 2018
The Flowers Of Manchester, never ever to be
This is what we are - never say die,
always to keep dreaming, and making dreams into reality.
We are Youth
We are the ones who shows everyone else, what good football is.
We are Sir Matt Busby, and everything he stood for.
We'll only survive as a club, if we keep our legacy,
history, identity and football culture alive!

What a great and important page this is!
All the best, you're the best!
David Pendlebury wrote on September 20, 2018
never to be forgotten they will never grow old r.i.p
Sohail Hussain wrote on September 20, 2018
R.I.P to the Man Utd legends that died they are the reason why Manchester United is a massive club with good and loyal fans like ourselves I thank all the players who died sadly they have made history with my favourite club Man Utd rest in heaven.❤️❤️❤️
Alexander Cobb wrote on September 19, 2018
The busby babes are icons of the English game that we all know and love. What they did in their short lives impacted so many people not just football but they were looked up as celebrity’s and ahead of their time. The team Man United had would of won a lot more throphies and would of gone to dominate the world for years but sadly it was taken away so quickly. Even today in 2018, they still have a massive impact on how Us the Man United supports think and act when it comes to our own expectations of the club. I’m so proud of what they did in their short period of their lives but feel like if this tragedy never happened the world we live in today would be very different. I visited the memorial the second time this summer as I feel it’s important to never forget the fundamental part of Man United history. It’s such a difficult time come February but if we all come together as fans then we can remember them in the correct way they should be remembered for. Man United will never die. #NeverForget By Alex Age 19
Mark Joyce wrote on September 19, 2018
The reason why I love this club and why so many others do too. Their legacy will forever be engrained into our club. They are gone, but will never, ever be forgotten. Thank you so much, The Busby Babes.

Each February we meet up at Old Trafford to remember those who died Learn more