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LTD wrote on January 30, 2022
Coz Man United will never die!!
Janet wrote on February 21, 2021
RIP Duncan
derek wrote on February 8, 2021
legends die when they are no longer remembered #busbybabes
Jill Robinson wrote on February 8, 2021
Such wonderful young men, on and off the pitch. It is their good character and earnest love of life that made a difference in the way they played. They trusted Jimmy Murphy, they revered Sir Matt, they were true friends to each other and they had time for their supporters.

We could stand to learn more of how to go about our trades and our lives from these immortal good sports, the Busby Babes. God bless them all, and all their benefactors, and all their loved ones.
Ann Matviienko wrote on February 6, 2021
63 years ago.......So young......One of the best players in the history of the club Man United!!!Forever remembered!!!!
jeremy wrote on February 6, 2021
Always remembered never forgotten 🔴🔴🔴
The flowers of Manchester
The pride of English football

We'll never die, we'll never die,
We'll never die, we'll never die,
We'll keep the Red flag flying high,
Cos Man United will never die...
Keith Rogers wrote on February 6, 2021
Another year goes by but I will never forget you boys and officials and press men and crew.
Each year goes by but the pain is still in my heart.
Harry is with you now boys boys so defence is strong again. REST IN PEACE.
a Fulham fan
Aharon Gillie wrote on February 6, 2021
Roger Byrne.
Mark Jones.
Duncan Edwards.
Tommy Taylor.
Eddie Colman.
Liam Whelan.
David Pegg.
Geoff Bent.
Walter Crickmer.
Bert Whalley.
Tom Curry.
Alf Clarke.
Don Davies.
George Follows.
Tom Jackson.
Archie Ledbrooke.
Henry Rose.
Eric Thompson.
Frank Swift.
Captain Kenneth Rayment.
Bela Miklos.
Willie Satinoff.
Tom Cable.
3.04pm 6th February 1958.
Munich, Germany.
23 lives lost.
8 players.
Sandra Pendlington wrote on February 6, 2021
63 years ago today I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. It is still as vivid today as it was then - a day I will never forget.
To all who died that dreadful day 'Rest in peace' - you will never be forgotten.
Lisa wrote on February 6, 2021
63 years
Always remembered
Never forgotten
Forever in our hearts
Christos Kazantzoglou wrote on February 6, 2021
63 years after the tragedy. But not forgotten. RIP Boys
Andrew Leonard wrote on February 6, 2021
63 years after the fatal tragedy... The busby babes are still not forgotten... Eight young lives sadly taken away... RIP BOYS GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN.
Peter Sharman wrote on February 6, 2021
Remembering all who lost their lives in the Munich Air Crash in 1958. Fond memories of watching that great team. Not forgetting the good friendships that I had with fellow fans at the Stretford End back in the fifties. Not many of us left now.
Janet Steven and Gordon wrote on February 6, 2021
Another year gone by but the pain lives on
Never forgotten
The Busby Babes
Brandon Brazier wrote on February 6, 2021
Forever remembered

The flowers of Manchester the Pride of English football
Brandon Brazier wrote on February 6, 2021
We will never die we are Man United and we'll keep the red flag flying high.
Phil Dawson wrote on February 5, 2021
63 years after the tragedy. The Busby Babes are not forgotten, never have been & never will be. RIP Boys
Eric Bridoux wrote on February 5, 2021
Il faut , selon l'usage pieux , donner aux morts une part de gloire ; la poussière qui les recouvre n'arrête pas le bruit de leur beaux exploits .😔🙏
paul scush schifield wrote on February 4, 2021
i'll be working on the 6th.and ive just found this site..i think about the babes everyday and what could have been..all my heart will be with them on the 6th...thank you munich58 for keeping the memory alive
Edward Funnell wrote on January 29, 2021
I would just like to say " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY TAYLOR " i hope you have a great day with all the Babes Today .
" God Bless " Ted from Welling

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