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Keith Rogers wrote on February 6, 2016:
Another year goes by but the pain is still as bad today as it was in 58. Play well in heaven Babes. God bless x A Fulham fan. R.I.P
oldred wrote on February 6, 2016:
I was 12 years old when the Munich crash happened and had seen the babes play on a number of occasions. It was one of the most terrible sporting disasters ever to have happened.

We will always wonder what those boys could have achieved if they weren't taken from us. I still get upset when I think about it. They were certainly the Flowers of Manchester and will never be forgotten.
Janet ,Steven and Gordon wrote on February 6, 2016:
We will never forget you Rest in Peace
A long time United fan wrote on February 6, 2016:
58 years on and still the Babes are worshipped at Old Trafford. They must never be forgotten because this is the essence, the heartbeat of our club. The stories must continue to be passed from generation to generation, Sir Matt and his boys still live on in the hearts of all genuine United supporters, the world over. I was born well after 1958 but my parents told me about the thrill off seeing Big Dunc and the others play, and I too have passed this on to my children

Time always seems to standstill at this time every year, and I always shed a few tears about this unspeakable tragedy, and dream about what might have been but never was. We must celebrate the Babes for what they did achieve in just a few short years, for without them things would have been so different now.

As has been said many times before United did rise from the ashes and will always come back after being knocked down.

Let's never forget those 8 players that perished, and the other 15 as well. Sir Matt will always have aspect all place in our hearts, and never forget the ones that survived.

United blood is deepest red, it proudly shrouds our Munich dead. Man United will never ever die
Harry wrote on February 6, 2016:
Play on in heaven
Randy Behley (Germany) wrote on August 23, 2015:
R.I.P. Busby babes and all the other victims in Munich.

And I apologize for many german football fans who don't know why they should not call Manchester United "ManU" - what even the german press still often does.
I know that the majority of young germans don't know the nasty verses about the great Duncan Edwards. They say "ManU" as an easy shortcut with lots of respect for a great club.

Sorry ... and greetings from Berlin
mike hampton wrote on July 20, 2015:
In loving memory of all those young footballers who perished as a result of the Munich air disaster. They will never be forgotten.
Keith Rogers wrote on February 20, 2015:
February 21 1958 the day we lost the Great Duncan Edwards. 57 years of pain R.I.P Duncan never forgotten, keith rogers a fulham fan
Bek wrote on February 9, 2015:
The 6th of February is the saddest day of the year. It is a day to remember and honour those who passed away some from my home Dudley RIP bid Duncan and all the others that sadly passed away. You are remembered always
luis gongora wrote on February 7, 2015:
Ian wrote on February 7, 2015:
Another year gone by and the memory goes on. Good attendance at the memorial yesterday and fantastic to see Louis Van Gaal there. Also impressed when he read out the final section of the So Many Years song at his press conference later. Going to see Tommy Taylor's grave in Barnsley tomorrow, always good to see it convered in tributes.
God bless lads.
E. Funnell wrote on February 6, 2015:
In a blink of an eye 57 years have passed ... seems like only yesterday ... still fresh in my mind ... I will never forget you until the day i die .

" God Bless " ... You were simply the best !!!!

Love .. Ted.
Priya Mahawatte wrote on February 6, 2015:
Sir Matt Busby and the Busby Babes you made Manchester United so much more than just a football club. Your legend and spirit will live on at Old Trafford forever.
Sandra Pendlington wrote on February 6, 2015:
it seems like yesterday - they are never forgotten.
Keith Rogers wrote on February 6, 2015:
This time of year is so sad, another year passes and still it gets no easier. I remember it like yesterday. I'll never forget you boys, the greatest team ever to grace this world.God bless you all, Matts Babes in heaven
Grayso Salford wrote on February 6, 2015:
Sir Matts Babes.
Another year passes but we will never forget
Always in or hearts and forever missed. RIP
Phil Coffin wrote on February 6, 2015:
"Because how we are in the future will be founded on how we behave today.." Jimmy Murphy's prophetic words to the MUFC Board in the aftermath of the crash is relevant today as ever.

God bless The Babes & all who perished. Please also remember, for me, the twenty-fourth victim of Munich, Capitan James Thain wrongly accused of causing the crash.
Barry Bright wrote on February 6, 2015:
February 6th ALWAYS the saddest day of the year.....
Rob Hollows wrote on February 6, 2015:
Just read the David Hall book …….Manchester's Finest . Superb , emotional read on what it was like being a young boy whose love of United got shattered on that terrible day but saw the rebirth of our team culminating in May' 68 at Wembley . I was there , never forgotten evening in memory of a never forgotten team .
Steve Roper wrote on February 6, 2015:
Our Flowers of Manchester will live in our hearts forever.RIP

Each February we meet up at Old Trafford to remember those who died Learn more