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Janet wrote on February 21, 2019
Duncan Edwards RIP
Paul griffin wrote on February 15, 2019
You built our club with your skill passion and hard work then ultimately with your lives,today our club is more than just football.its a family.
Stephen Gichuri wrote on February 8, 2019
Forever our flowers..You are like a tatoo in our hearts. Tunawapenda sana.
Ersen Kolcuoğlu wrote on February 7, 2019
United filmi beni buraya getirmedi. 8 senedir bu olayın yasını tutarım. United her zaman sevdiğim bir kulüp olacaktır. Duncan'ın geleceğini hep merak ederim. Türkiye'den selamlar.
Keith Muscat wrote on February 6, 2019
6th February is a special day; my late grandpa's birthday; the person who made me fall in love with this club. As I grew up he always told me stories about these mythical legends who i was never lucky to witness. However they're a huge part of this club's heritage ; the heritage we all love each and every minute of our lives until we die..and possibly after as well. Rest in peace; till we meet and see you play in the afterlife!
Keith Muscat(Birkirkara, Malta)
brandon brazier wrote on February 6, 2019
Always remembered RIP 🔴⚪⚫🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪
Prince Nana Yaw Yeboah Afful wrote on February 6, 2019
61 years now since you left us but you will never die and will never be forgotten. They could have conquered Europe all the years of their playing time as they were the greatest team ever.
Let your spirits play with this present and future united teams always. THE FLOWERS OF MANCHESTER WILL NEVER DIE!
David Sutton wrote on February 6, 2019
Reading the tributes brings a tear to my eye. The love for the Babes, indeed all who died, will last forever, as will their memory.

David Garswood wrote on February 6, 2019
Remembering the boys, on this 61st anniversary. The years may pass, the memories may fade, but the legend burns bright.
An outstanding team, Roger Byrne the leader, Mark Jones the rock, Eddie Colman the swagger, Geoff Bent the loyalty, David Pegg the wing wizard, Liam Whelan the conjourer, Tommy Taylor the goal machine, and Duncan Edwards the absolute talisman. They were too good for this earth....

Also remembering Mr Crickmer, Mr Whalley and Mr Curry. Also, supporter, Willie Satinoff, friend of Matt Busby, and potential board member. Also, the great sports journalists who were lost, including the great Frank Swift, a legend himself. Not forgetting the crew, and other victims. RIP.

My big hero is Duncan, but Tommy is a favourite too, as is David Pegg, Eddie, Liam...oh lets be honest, they were all great. The lingering hope for Duncan to survive though, added extra heartache. Only 21, just a boy with so much life to live.

Lads, we love you. Even those who were born later...we still love you. You werr so will be forever young.
I am actually going to Belgrade in 3 weeks. I will visit the Hotel Majestic where they stayed in 1958. I will also visit the JNA stadium which hasnt actually changed that much. In my minds eye, I will see you running out for that game....

Always remembered.
Pete Martin wrote on February 5, 2019
We'll be singing this song tomorrow under the plaque: "The Pride Of Football, Our Busby Babes" So many years, since you were taken, the pride of football, our Busby Babes.
We’ve shed our tears, and watched the newsreels, whilst you have slumbered, in your graves.
Though life’s moved on, the Reds continue, we’ve plumbed the depths, we’ve touched the sky.
Our mem’ries of, the flowers of Manchester, like Man United, will never die.

Roger Byrne, our worthy captain, Geoff and Eddie, Salford brave,
David Pegg, and Tommy Taylor, Mark and Liam, such pleasure gave.
For all you men, you football stalwarts, death was instant, life was gone.
For fifteen days, of pain and struggle, mighty Duncan, lingered on.

We don’t forget, the other victims, United players who survived.
Some played on, achieving glory, some too injured to make the side
Our thoughts now turn to all non-players, this tragedy, was theirs as well
The wretched grief, for friends and families, so far removed from where they fell.

You are the strength and inspiration, for those who play your roles today.
We look for flair and pace and passion, to play the game United’s way.
Though life’s moved on, the Reds continue, we’ve plumbed the depths, we’ve touched the sky.
Our mem’ries of, the flowers of Manchester, like Man United, will never die.

Will never die, will never die, like Man United, will never die.

Will never die, will never die, like Man United, will never die.

Thank you so much Mike and Elaine for continuously updating this amazing site and for all the work you put in every year to ensure that our tribute under the plaque goes without a hitch.
Janet Steven and Gordon wrote on February 5, 2019
The Busby Babes RIP
Jawnuta wrote on February 5, 2019
R.I.P The Busby Babes.We will never die.Long live Manchester United FC.
Ozzy wrote on February 2, 2019
Flowers of Manchester.always in our hearts.never forgotten ❤
Lisa wrote on February 2, 2019
Forever in our heart you will always stay.. God bless you x
ROSE COOK MONK wrote on January 29, 2019
ON behalf of the Duncan Edwards Foundation (Dudley) we send our deepest condolences and love to the Busby Babes, their families and all those affected by the Munich air crash. You are remembered with love and respect and can never be replaced on the pitch or in our hearts. Duncan we are so proud of you and you continue to inspire us. We hope we are doing you proud. Rest well. United on the pitch. United in life. United in death
ROSE COOK MONK (founder)
Tom Benoist wrote on January 27, 2019
I never saw you play but I saw my Grandad cry when he spoke about your greatness and that’s enough for me. Taken too soon.
Joanne McArthur wrote on January 19, 2019
R.I.P The Busby Babes.

One cold and bitter Thursday in Munich, Germany,
Eight great football stalwarts conceded victory,
Eight men will never play again who met destruction there,
The flowers of English football, the flowers of Manchester
Matt Busby’s boys were flying, returning from Belgrade,
This great United family, all masters of their trade,
The pilot of the aircraft, the skipper Captain Thain,
Three times they tried to take off and twice turned back again.
The third time down the runaway disaster followed close,
There was slush upon that runaway and the aircraft never rose,
It ploughed into the marshy ground, it broke, it overturned.
And eight of the team were killed as the blazing wreckage burned.
Roger Byrne and Tommy Taylor who were capped for England’s side.
And Ireland’s Billy Whelan and England’s Geoff Bent died,
Mark Jones and Eddie Colman, and David Pegg also,
They all lost their lives as it ploughed on through the snow.
Big Duncan he went too, with an injury to his brain,
And Ireland’s brave Jack Blanchflower will never play again,
The great Matt Busby lay there, the father of his team
Three long months passed by before he saw his team again.
The trainer, coach and secretary, and a member of the crew,
Also eight sporting journalists who with United flew,
And one of them Big Swifty, who we will ne’er forget,
The finest English ‘keeper that ever graced the net.
Oh, England’s finest football team its record truly great,
Its proud successes mocked by a cruel turn of fate.
Eight men will never play again, who met destruction there,
The flowers of English football,
the flowers of Manchester
Jeremy Griffiths wrote on January 17, 2019
Time will never erode the memory of those we lost that awful day. We will remember them. RIP.
Elise Huan wrote on January 17, 2019
You will never be forgotten and your legacy lives on in the club and the boys who play as you should have done. RIP. Red forever.
Adrian Keenan wrote on January 15, 2019
On this tragic day
Our Babes were taken away
They left us just to dream
About the greatest ever team

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