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Keith rogers wrote on January 19, 2018:
Yet another year and still hurting. you were and still are the greatest team to ever grace any pitch. NEVER WILL YOU BE FORGOTTEN.
Tom Clare wrote on January 18, 2018:
The 60th Anniversary is almost here, and yet, I still recall with great clarity the happenings of that bleak, grey, Thursday - especially from first hearing of the accident at around 5pm GMT. It was unthinkable that most of the young boys and men who I had grown up alongside, and had watched them break through from youth players to become established first team players, and most international stara - would never be seen on the field of play again.

I will be visiting Munich and the Kirchtrudering Memorials in two weeks time and will find it very emotional as this will be almost certainly the last opportunity that I get. It says so much about how revered the "Babes" are when over 1000 Reds plus will also make this pilgrimage.

Sleep on in your peace dear "Babes" - you, and the legend and foundation that you left with us, will NEVER be forgotten.
Michael Coughlan wrote on January 13, 2018:
I was born two years after the crash so never got go see the Babes play.However one of my fondest childhood memories is sat around the kitchen table with my brothers and sisters and my dad telling stories about them.Those stories were our United education and the start of the love affair which still exists today. Everything that United have achieved since then is in memory to those red shirted heroes
Terje Nystrøm wrote on July 8, 2017:
It was a great team, champions in England, and semi finals in Europe. And they became all legends, especially Duncan Edwards. I am certain United would have won the European cup, and Big Dunc would have won the Ballon d`Or.
Keep their memory alive!
Dave Wharton wrote on May 27, 2017:
I only wish I could have seen those lads play. As long as I live, they will be in my thoughts and in my heart.
richard owen wrote on March 4, 2017:
I served with Eddie Colman in 7th.Trng. Regt Royal Signals at Catterick Garrison, Yorks 1955/56. He was the unit rat-catcher.He always got the weekends off to play for Utd. A true gentleman always found the time to play five a side in the unit gym. Always left us standing. R.I.P.
John Tomlinson wrote on February 8, 2017:
My boyhood heroes, never forgotten. Man utd will never die
dave grehan wrote on February 7, 2017:
always remembered,one love mufc,rest in peace babes...
we will do you proud.
Tom Clare wrote on February 6, 2017:
A day of sadness hard to recall - without goodbyes they left us all.

Always remembered, never forgotten, just happy young boys who loved the game, loved their club, loved their countries. No pretentiousness, no cockiness - just lads who lived and played the game the right way. Sleep on in your peace dear "Babes".
Grayso wrote on February 6, 2017:
Paying respects to the greatest team ever..
Sir Matts Babes forever in our hearts & minds.
janet steve and gordon wrote on February 5, 2017:
in loving memory of all who perished in Munich We will never forget
Rest In Peace
Karl Woodward wrote on February 5, 2017:
The 'like' of this group of talented, mostly home grown talent will never, ever, be seen again. RIP, you Busby Boys and the rest of crew, United staff, journalists and passengers.

You'll never be forgotten, cos' UNITED will never die.

As big 'Dunc' used to say, "We've not come here for nuffin'"
Georgina Smith wrote on July 18, 2016:
I cried like a baby whilst watching the film "United" last night.
What a waste of talent and youth never to be seen again in my lifetime.
Rest in peace "BUSBY BABES"
Bill Halcrow wrote on April 11, 2016:
I was 11 years old in February 1958 but I remember the crash vividly, I loved LFC but I idolised The Busby Babes particularly Duncan Edwards who I always wanted to be when I was playing football in our back street. I recently bought a DVD of the 1957 FA cup final and it was so sad to watch knowing that in less than a year so many brilliant players would be dead.I never saw the Babes play but I would have loved to have seen them play at Anfield and of course at Old Trafford. My respects to all those who lost their lives at Munich.
dylan wrote on February 17, 2016:
Tragic event. If only we could still see them play today.
p dickson wrote on February 6, 2016:
remebering with pride and sadness on this day the departed souls of our city. rest in peace and never forgotten
Kenan Hursit wrote on February 6, 2016:
RIP lads, we will always remember you! You will always live on in our hearts! You were and always will be Busby's Babes and The Standard to which our great club will forever continue to measure itself by! Flowers of English Football, Flowers of Manchester!
luis gongora wrote on February 6, 2016:
will never die cause man utd will never die
glory glory busby babes
emma johnson wrote on February 6, 2016:
would have love to see them play
Fred Johnson Buxton wrote on February 6, 2016:
They will always be remembered. Who knows how much success Manchester United and England would have had. Look how much Sir Bobby achieved.

A great loss to Manchester United and more importantly their families.

Each February we meet up at Old Trafford to remember those who died Learn more