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John Robinson wrote on June 14, 2020
Never forgotten. Always in our hearts. RIP
Janet wrote on February 22, 2020
Duncan Edwards
The Best
Janet wrote on February 18, 2020
So sad to hear about the passing of Harry Gregg
Brilliant goalkeeper
So brave
keith rogers wrote on February 17, 2020
sean park wrote on February 17, 2020
sad to hear Harry has passed away, now go join your team mates in heaven forever. God bless you Harry thank you forever remembered.
Dean Bott wrote on February 17, 2020
Gutted to hear the death of Harry Greg, I wasn't born when Munich happened it was the Disaster that got me supporting United, another Legend has gone to join his team mates. R-I-P Harry. God Bless you.
Peter Sharman wrote on February 17, 2020
Sad to hear of Harry Gregg’s death, today. Excellent goalkeeper. Courageous and daring on the pitch, showing the same qualities rescuing trapped passengers following the crash.
Many memories of Harry and his team mates whilst wat hing then all those years ago.
Dean Bott wrote on February 15, 2020
Just think what this team could have achieved if it wasn't for the disaster. They will always be in our Hearts, The Flowers of Manchester. R-I-P.
keith rogers wrote on February 7, 2020
After 62 years the memory does not fade and the thought of losing
the greatest ever team does not go away, The not knowing just how great
those young men would have been still hurts.
Your in my memory for ever young devils. GOD BLESS

Simon Ashe wrote on February 6, 2020
Although I am to young to remember the Busby Babes, I became a United fan in part because of the stories my father and grandfather told me of them, so I've always felt a connection with these young men that tragically died years before I was born.

R.I.P. The Flowers of Manchester
BRANDON BRAZIER wrote on February 6, 2020


Peter Sharman wrote on February 6, 2020
The day of the disaster is still fresh in my memory 62 years on. It has been a pleasure following United since I was 7 years old, my first game in 1943. The time watching the Babes was certainly the most pleasurable. Excellent footballers robbed of their future. Remembering the players, officials, journalists and aircrew who lost their lives or were badly Injured. Not forgotten either my mates from the stretford end in the 50’s who have since died.
Never forgotten by me or my daughter and grandchildren.

Linda Williams wrote on February 6, 2020
Blessings and prayers to all the victims and the ones left behind especially George Follows - journalist for the Daily Herald and his son Dick Follows. Sending heart felt love to you and yours. Always in my thoughts - Linda
Nick small wrote on February 6, 2020
As a boy growing up from Dudley supporting Manchester United this means a lot to me,my grandad who played for wolves and birmingham told me of stories of playing school and district football with Duncan Edwards and had fond memories with flowers of manchester🌹busby babes...we’ll never die
Keith Towers wrote on February 6, 2020
I was lucky enough to see the Babes play many times, they set the standard for all United teams, I will never forget them , they will never die!
Janet Steven and Gordon wrote on February 5, 2020
Another year gone by We will never forget you RIP
DUNCAN wrote on February 4, 2020
Big Duncan the Bomber, RIP.
Stuart Ross wrote on February 3, 2020
Forever in our hearts
Dave Lythgoe wrote on February 2, 2020
February comes around again and thoughts turn towards the crash and the people who lost their lives.
Dad was a 19 year old United supporter when the disaster happened. That day stayed with him for the rest of his life.
He brought both me and my brother up to know the history and respect the traditions of the club. The three of us travelled far and wide following United through the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 00s until Dad passed away - far too early - in 2004.
In 1998, Dad was invited, along with a few other supporters from that era, by the club to attend the 40th anniversary service at Manchester Cathedral. It was his proudest moment of being a Manchester United supporter - far and above anything that he had seen on a football field.
I haven't been to United since 2008. My enthusiasm began to diminish after Dad passed away and the subsequent takeover years left me feeling increasingly alienated from the football club that I loved.
Those years of following the reds were very special. At the core of the whole passion was the feeling of pride in memory of the boys of '58. That feeling still remains.
God bless the Flowers of Manchester.
Jack Scott wrote on February 1, 2020
I became a Manchester United fan because of reading about the Babes and Duncan Edward's,I was nearly 8 years old when the disaster happened. I ran home from school every day to see how he was,then my grandmother told me he had died I was heartbroken again.RIP babes

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