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The Munich58 Tribute Book contains comments and tributes from football fans, both Reds and non-Reds from all over the world. Please feel free to browse the entries in the book and add your own tribute.

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Sale Red wrote on December 18, 2001
Gone, never forgotten. MUFC till I die.
Mally & Terry wrote on December 7, 2001
The Original dream team always remembered
van der wrote on November 27, 2001
great players went to waste
van der wrote on November 27, 2001
still the best team of all time
porter wrote on November 27, 2001
still I cry about the crash
Dave Garswood wrote on November 27, 2001
They still play on,in a distant venue,you know! Byrne to Edwards,he sets off,out to Pegg,to Bent,Colman shimmys,to Whelan,Jones to Edwards,to Colman,Pegg gets a cross in and Tommy Taylor does the rest! He is mobbed by his team mates!
Dave Garswood wrote on November 27, 2001
I love the Busby Babes! The greatest team that ever would have been...had they not had to rush to get home because of the football league coming down heavy on them! Typical British stiff upper lip mentality was to blame NOT Mr Thain,or Mr Rayment
The Soccer World Remembers wrote on November 25, 2001
A great tragedy and a loss to sports around the world.

Soccer Lover Toronto, Canada
cyril reddington wrote on November 23, 2001
Never forgotten, one love MUFC
Upfront wrote on November 23, 2001
God bless all the victims of that terrible crash
I'm sure Sir Matt is with his lads again.
still cry to this day when I think about it.
US red wrote on November 21, 2001
gone but not forgotten

K Stand Col wrote on November 2, 2001
43 years ago, a team lay dead in the snow
Battered and bloodied, some of them died
some of them survived

Charlton and Matt Busby
Took us to wembley
We beat Benfica by 4 goals to 1
All those years ago

R.I.P lads you are always alive in our hearts
Roy wrote on October 31, 2001
They may not be around but they play and live forever in our hearts.
Paul wrote on October 21, 2001
We will never forget you.Forever and Ever.God Bless Sleep Well
Daniel wrote on October 13, 2001
Not even the Manchester United of today 2001 will ever be remembered as the best god bless all who lost their lives they will never leave Manchester United.
Lee wrote on October 13, 2001
forever and ever they were supreme they were Manchester United that was the dream they never be mastered by you other b****ds we,ll keep the red flag flying high for ever and ever we follow our team. R.I.P
Mike Baker wrote on September 20, 2001
You began a legend that will never die, forever youthful and the pride of England and Manchester. Always the Flowers - Always United
Steve-Ecclesred wrote on September 6, 2001
Never forget.RIP
Bex wrote on September 6, 2001
RIP Busby Babes. Always remembered.
Buryicj wrote on September 6, 2001
RIP - Manchester remembers

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