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The Munich58 Tribute Book contains comments and tributes from football fans, both Reds and non-Reds from all over the world. Please feel free to browse the entries in the book and add your own tribute.

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john wrote on April 20, 2002:
I was only a young boy but you gave the spark that ignited a lifelong passion for our club
daniel best wrote on April 10, 2002:
Busby Babes ruled
Svein (Norway) wrote on March 16, 2002:
RIP-We will never forget:MUNICH the saddest day in MUFC history
ENTY wrote on March 12, 2002:
Busby Babes, always in our hearts now and forever RIP.
Sean (stuck in oz) wrote on February 22, 2002:
Always In Manchester's Thoughts
John wrote on February 22, 2002:
"You have to try and maintain the standards that Sir Matt established at this great club."" Alex Ferguson
russ wrote on February 22, 2002:
for what we knew and for what we will never know-alive in our soul and always in our hearts. the legend lives on-god bless the Busby Babes.
Stephen Shannon wrote on February 21, 2002:
They will always live in every Manchester Player and Fan
Andrew Wills wrote on February 21, 2002:
the Busby Babes will play in heaven forever and ever, let us never forget the Flowers Of Manchester.
Colin White wrote on February 21, 2002:
Your skill and grace will never to be forgotton RIP Busby Babes
andy wrote on February 17, 2002:
if this disaster hadn't happened the team would have been the best team ever even better than the old Real Madrid team TODAY AND FOREVER THEY WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN
Alan Shepherd wrote on February 12, 2002:
I will never forget.
Tom wrote on February 11, 2002:
The great United team will never be forgotten.
TC wrote on February 8, 2002:
They will never be forgotten
Paddy wrote on February 7, 2002:
You are the Heart and Soul of this GREAT club.FOREVER and EVER.
Steve (South Africa) wrote on February 7, 2002:
We will always have memories of them. Let us never forget.
Mark Roberts wrote on February 7, 2002:
44 years ago
A team lay in the snow
Batterred and bloodied and some lost their lives
Some of them survived

Bobby Charlton and Matt Busby
Went down to Wemberley
We beat Benfica by 4 goals to 1
All those years ago.........

Never forgotten..
Paul Smith wrote on February 7, 2002:
Who knows what you would have gone on to win in the game. You will never be forgotten.
Sue wrote on February 7, 2002:
Gone, but not forgotten RIP
Paul wrote on February 6, 2002:
God Bless.

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