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The Munich58 Tribute Book contains comments and tributes from football fans, both Reds and non-Reds from all over the world. Please feel free to browse the entries in the book and add your own tribute.

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ukbob wrote on January 31, 2003:
I was there for your last game on English soil, I am still here. You did our club proud, it is because of you we are what we are today. You will always be remembered, the Young Flowers of Manchester. RIP
Billy wrote on January 31, 2003:
To some they were forgotten,
To others they faded in the past,
But to those who loved and lost them,
Their memory will always last

CHRIS ROWAN wrote on January 31, 2003:
pjaya wrote on January 30, 2003:
Never Forgotten. One Love. RIP
wardy wrote on January 26, 2003:
Never Forgotten
Karen wrote on January 26, 2003:
RIP The Flowers of Manchester - you will never be forgotten. Keep the red flag flying.
eric cantona wrote on January 24, 2003:
RIP Busby Babes
Neill wrote on January 24, 2003:
Always remembered.Never Forgotten. One Love , One team , One Family.
John Hepworth wrote on January 24, 2003:
David wrote on January 24, 2003:
For football it was bad, For United it was very sad, That day the Babes died, Was a day when football cried. May the Flowers of Manchester, Rest In Peace Forever.
BERNARD wrote on January 24, 2003:
Dave wrote on January 20, 2003:
Boys, your legacy is the greatest club in the world. May God have mercy on your souls. RIP.
Tony wrote on January 20, 2003:
Thank you Sir Matt Busby for what you built you and the Babes will never be forgotten.
Robert Mauchin wrote on January 19, 2003:
As a Rangers supporter, I know what tragedy is.. This MUFC team is on its greatest away venue, with Matt at the helm....What team can defeat them? Bless those souls and bless the survivors.
mark short wrote on January 19, 2003:
the Flowers of Manchester never forgotten.RIP
(Busby Babes simply the best)
mike - salfordmg1177 wrote on January 15, 2003:
forever part of our history - never forgotten.
Mark H wrote on January 7, 2003:
One Love; The Flowers will never die
Gonzo wrote on December 16, 2002:
As I am only 21 years old I was never around to see the great Busby Babes!(unfortunately). But what I do know about them was that they were a truly great side. LONG LIVE THE BUSBY BABES!
Chris P wrote on December 16, 2002:
R.I.P. Gone but not forgotten.
Mervyn Jones wrote on December 12, 2002:
I watched them play as a child, I was at wembley in 1968 and felt their presence. When I watched us at the Nou Camp in 1999 on television in California I swear I could feel the spirit of Big Duncan enter the fray in the final minutes.

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