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David Garswood wrote on February 6, 2019:
Remembering the boys, on this 61st anniversary. The years may pass, the memories may fade, but the legend burns bright.
An outstanding team, Roger Byrne the leader, Mark Jones the rock, Eddie Colman the swagger, Geoff Bent the loyalty, David Pegg the wing wizard, Liam Whelan the conjourer, Tommy Taylor the goal machine, and Duncan Edwards the absolute talisman. They were too good for this earth....

Also remembering Mr Crickmer, Mr Whalley and Mr Curry. Also, supporter, Willie Satinoff, friend of Matt Busby, and potential board member. Also, the great sports journalists who were lost, including the great Frank Swift, a legend himself. Not forgetting the crew, and other victims. RIP.

My big hero is Duncan, but Tommy is a favourite too, as is David Pegg, Eddie, Liam...oh lets be honest, they were all great. The lingering hope for Duncan to survive though, added extra heartache. Only 21, just a boy with so much life to live.

Lads, we love you. Even those who were born later...we still love you. You werr so will be forever young.
I am actually going to Belgrade in 3 weeks. I will visit the Hotel Majestic where they stayed in 1958. I will also visit the JNA stadium which hasnt actually changed that much. In my minds eye, I will see you running out for that game....

Always remembered.

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