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Alan jones wrote on July 20, 2023
The very reason I became a Utd fan at the age of 7 years old was the Munich air disaster. I vaguely remember asking my mam and dad what the man on the tv was on about. It was the local news and he was on the anniversary of the disaster. My dad told me all about it and over the next few year an i began to understand more my dad got me some books from the Library which I read and from then on I was hooked on Utd. 🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪❤️❤️
yuval wrote on April 13, 2023
I am a fan from Israel. I was born in 1968, and my first son in 1999, and my youngest in 2013 .. symbolic I think. Hard to explain the feelings of a fan from far away, I have my local team here (Maccabi Jaffa) and live for It. While writing here my eyes are flooded with tears. I read and watch everything I can about Munich 58. It is a city full of terrible historic events for me as an Israeli and a jew. Yet the lost of this young, wonderful Man U team has its own place. Trying to imagine them playing, laughing, having families...the what could have been. I can go on and on, thank for the opportunity to share my feelings, hope to part of a memorial event soon, in Old Trafford and Munich.
Janet wrote on February 21, 2023
Duncan Rest in Peace
Steven Morgan wrote on February 8, 2023
United will never die. UNITED, UNITED, UNITED
Neil Harrison wrote on February 6, 2023
Echoing everyone else's words and just to say... WE ARE MAN UNITED AND WE'LL NEVER DIE.
Ainebyoona Amr wrote on February 6, 2023
You will forever be in our hearts
Ainebyoona Amr wrote on February 6, 2023
Will forever be in our hearta
Kelly dunn wrote on February 6, 2023
Remembering today on the 65th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster all the Busby Babes who tragically lost their lives on that fateful day and all connected with Manchester United FC who remember today. Gone but never forgotten. As a Black Country wench and supporter of MUFC for more than 28 years I will remember them. For Duncan Edwards and all those we lost we'll keep the red flag flying high. God bless you all always. Rest in Peace forever!
Peter Sharman wrote on February 6, 2023
Thinking of the players, officials, journalists and the others who died on this day 65 years ago, and Duncan Edwards who later died from his injuries. Not forgetting Johnny Berry and Jack Blanchflower who never played again.
Fond memories of that great team.
Jude Rowley wrote on February 6, 2023
Remembering all those who were taken so tragically 65 years ago in Munich. We remember the players, staff, journalists, and all those connected with the greatest tragedy in the history of our club whose lives were affected by this darkest hour. They will forever be rooted deep in the history of United. Let us also remember the unbreakable friendship shown by the people of Munich and of Germany, not only in the care and support they provided to the injured, but in the solidarity and comradeship they have offered in the many years since. 'Our memories of the flowers of Manchester, like Man United, will never die.'
Jason Davidson wrote on February 6, 2023
My heart continues to break at this time every year , wondering what may have become of such a great team, how far would they have climbed if fate hade not cruely taken them so early. I wasn’t even born, was raised on stories of the Babes by my Mother. Flowers of Manchester forever.
Janet Steven and Gordon wrote on February 5, 2023
Busby Babes rest in peace
Gary May wrote on February 4, 2023
Remembering our lost heroes. always in our thoughts.
Roger Lee wrote on February 1, 2023
I have paid my respects every year since 1958, I will never forget
Heather Grover wrote on January 31, 2023
Would give anything to have been alive then and seen them play, especially my hero Duncan Edwards , best team Manchester United ever had without a doubt , makes me very emotional, bless them all they will never , ever , be forgotten xx❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤xxx
Les Teeling wrote on January 31, 2023
We owe everything too you brave men and your venture into Europe it's thanks to you that we are the most famous Club in the World and why we are respected without Sir Matt and you his team Football would be a lot poorer Thank you RIP
Suzanne Needham wrote on January 24, 2023
The flowers of Manchester will never die we will keep the red flag flying high! RIP Busby babes
We will be there at Manchesterplatz for the 65th anniversary
Rod wrote on October 7, 2022
Would have loved to have seen Duncan Edwards work his magic at Old Trafford. RIP
Janet wrote on February 21, 2022
RIP Duncan The Best
Denis Kuzmenko wrote on February 6, 2022
A White Lie (a song in memory of the Busby Babes).

The third attempt... The speed is too low...
Explosion! The wreckage and blood on the snow...
The Germans were fighting to save British lives:
Yesterday's darkness became today's light.

Matt Busby was lying in an oxygen tent.
He was not told 'bout the accident:
He was being protected from mental shock.
At first, he was silent, but later he'd talk.

"How are the boys?" "They are all right!"
But 'twas a lie. It was a white lie.
The doctors smiled at him, but then they cried.
"How are the boys?" "They are all right!"

But one day, he asked a hospital priest,
"How is Big Dunc? My friend, tell me, please!"
The priest bowed his head. A teardrop ran down.
And Matt understood everything: grief had filled all around.

"How are the boys?" "They are all right!"
But 'twas a lie. It was a white lie.
The doctors smiled at him, but then they cried.
"How are the boys?" "They are all right!"

"How are my boys?" "They are all right!"
It was a lie: his team had been swept out!
The doctors smiled at him, but then they cried.
"How are the boys?" "They are all right..."