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Allen Howard wrote on March 24, 2024
If only someone had been brave/cowardly enough to announce "I'm not going" in the Munich terminal building, I might have grown up to watch Duncan & George in the same United team.... May those proud young men continue to Rest In Peace.
Kevin Rees wrote on February 6, 2024
As a lifelong red, the boys are forever in my heart. Now Bobby has rejoined them....the Babes have finally been reUnited.
God bless them all.
We'll never die.
Keith Rogers wrote on February 6, 2024
Another year goes by but the memories are still there, All together now the greatest team in heaven as on earth.
Rest in eternal peace boys, always in my thoughts, a fulham fan
Alan Northcote wrote on February 6, 2024
On this day, sixty-six years ago, I was eight days old. I didn’t yet know what the world was all about. I didn’t yet know that the world wouldn’t always be the warm, comfy, and loving place that my Mam and Dad were creating for me. I didn’t yet know that there were terrible things out there. And I certainly didn’t know that a long way off, on a cold, snowy airfield in a place called Munich, in a country called Germany, something was about to happen which would not only destroy the lives of hundreds, but would touch the hearts and the emotions of thousands, would reshape a fine football club, and would in a few short years bring Manchester United into my world, where they would indelibly remain.
On that day, eight wonderfully talented young men were killed. Two more would never play again. Another fifteen, passengers, crew and journalists, died alongside them. Men who’d fought and survived a war, and yet who’d admired these young men who now lay dead and dying around them.
Ever since I was old enough to understand, I listened to my Dad and his friends talk about football; none were United supporters, yet after Munich, in a way they all were. So I grew up surrounded by the names, and the magical memories of Duncan Edwards, Tommy Taylor, David Pegg, Eddie Colman, Roger Byrne, Mark Jones, Geoff Bent, and Billy Whelan. Of the resilience of Matt Busby, the strength of Jimmy Murphy, the courage of Harry Gregg, the tragic romance of a team that died, yet would live forever. And soon, the fame of Bobby Charlton, almost a victim, but now a member of the most famous triumvirate in the game.
So today, as on this day every year, I think of the lost boys. I can only imagine how good they were, and how glorious they would have been. The stats and reminiscences only tell part of the story. I’m almost in tears writing this.
Rest my glorious heroes. I, and many others, will always be in awe of each and every one of you.
Chris wrote on February 6, 2024
RIP the busby babes and all who lost their lives at Munich
Kirrin Pedron wrote on February 6, 2024
Rest in Peace Busby Babe's you will be forever in our hearts.
Kazuya Agari wrote on February 4, 2024
🌹🌹🌹Great team🌹🌹🌹
Martin Evans wrote on January 29, 2024
I have been a United fan since before Munich and remember coming home from school that fateful day aged 8 years, something I will never forget. I managed to see my first match at Old Trafford in October 1968 and attended many more in the late 60's earlier 70's despite living in North Wales when transport was not easy. Eventually I obtained a season ticket in 1992 and still retain it and pleased to say my son has been with me since 1990 and also an ST Holder.
RIP The Babes
Adrian John MARCHANT wrote on December 29, 2023
I was born the year of the Munich air disaster D.O.B. 01/10/1958. I share a birthday with the greatest player ever, Duncan Edwards. I grew up enthralled by the exploits of Charlton, Law and Best. My one abiding thought is that, were it not for the crash, in all likelihood, it would have been Edwards and not Bobby Moore who lifted the World Cup in 1966.

R.I.P. far too many
Alan jones wrote on July 20, 2023
The very reason I became a Utd fan at the age of 7 years old was the Munich air disaster. I vaguely remember asking my mam and dad what the man on the tv was on about. It was the local news and he was on the anniversary of the disaster. My dad told me all about it and over the next few year an i began to understand more my dad got me some books from the Library which I read and from then on I was hooked on Utd. 🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪❤️❤️
yuval wrote on April 13, 2023
I am a fan from Israel. I was born in 1968, and my first son in 1999, and my youngest in 2013 .. symbolic I think. Hard to explain the feelings of a fan from far away, I have my local team here (Maccabi Jaffa) and live for It. While writing here my eyes are flooded with tears. I read and watch everything I can about Munich 58. It is a city full of terrible historic events for me as an Israeli and a jew. Yet the lost of this young, wonderful Man U team has its own place. Trying to imagine them playing, laughing, having families...the what could have been. I can go on and on, thank for the opportunity to share my feelings, hope to part of a memorial event soon, in Old Trafford and Munich.
Janet wrote on February 21, 2023
Duncan Rest in Peace
Steven Morgan wrote on February 8, 2023
United will never die. UNITED, UNITED, UNITED
Neil Harrison wrote on February 6, 2023
Echoing everyone else's words and just to say... WE ARE MAN UNITED AND WE'LL NEVER DIE.
Ainebyoona Amr wrote on February 6, 2023
You will forever be in our hearts
Ainebyoona Amr wrote on February 6, 2023
Will forever be in our hearta
Kelly dunn wrote on February 6, 2023
Remembering today on the 65th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster all the Busby Babes who tragically lost their lives on that fateful day and all connected with Manchester United FC who remember today. Gone but never forgotten. As a Black Country wench and supporter of MUFC for more than 28 years I will remember them. For Duncan Edwards and all those we lost we'll keep the red flag flying high. God bless you all always. Rest in Peace forever!
Peter Sharman wrote on February 6, 2023
Thinking of the players, officials, journalists and the others who died on this day 65 years ago, and Duncan Edwards who later died from his injuries. Not forgetting Johnny Berry and Jack Blanchflower who never played again.
Fond memories of that great team.
Jude Rowley wrote on February 6, 2023
Remembering all those who were taken so tragically 65 years ago in Munich. We remember the players, staff, journalists, and all those connected with the greatest tragedy in the history of our club whose lives were affected by this darkest hour. They will forever be rooted deep in the history of United. Let us also remember the unbreakable friendship shown by the people of Munich and of Germany, not only in the care and support they provided to the injured, but in the solidarity and comradeship they have offered in the many years since. 'Our memories of the flowers of Manchester, like Man United, will never die.'
Jason Davidson wrote on February 6, 2023
My heart continues to break at this time every year , wondering what may have become of such a great team, how far would they have climbed if fate hade not cruely taken them so early. I wasn’t even born, was raised on stories of the Babes by my Mother. Flowers of Manchester forever.