The Munich58 Memorial Brochure

What started in 2006 as a single sheet of A4 paper containing the words to The Flowers of Manchester has, in 2021, become a full-colour 23-page brochure containing the words to the songs and poems, a detailed running order for the remembrance event, the stories behind Munich58, the remembrance events and how they have evolved over the years and the history of The Flowers of Manchester including the amendment to the lyrics in 2020.

The brochure is designed by Munich58 co-founder Elaine Giles. Physical copies are distributed at no charge, to those who attend the two remembrance events each year with a digital copy available for downloading (at no charge) via this website. The printing costs for the physical copies are funded by Manchester United, for which we are extremely grateful.

Download the 2021 Munich58 Memorial Brochure here