Personnel train footballers to keep all well drilled,

an apt program for each one becoming skilled,

following coaching at The Cliff training ground,

partakers become competent as they run around.

6th Feb 1958 at Munich airport on flight 609,

with supporters and journalists on the airline,

lives changed on Thursday that ill-fated day,

when EIGHT ” Busby Babes”, passed away.

Players Edwards, Taylor, Byrne, Whelan, Bent,

Jones, Pegg and Colman died in the accident,

who progressed from youth to the first team,

destroying their upcoming footballing dream.

Two other footballers were hurt on the runway,

their injuries meant they never again did play,

Blanchflower died aged 65 it was a sad day,

Berry aged 68 at the time he passed away,

The Babes made an undying lifelong impact,

rising into world beaters as the team attacked,

folks pass on memories both old and new,

Munich the core of United’s tale without ado.

Building young talent is the United way of life,

diligently working hard devoid of any strife,

reminding players youthful dreams come true,

leading to a winning team, like the Class of 92,

Generating a new football academy creation,

now a global leading youthful organization,

striving for a pursuit of excellence is the aim,

developing skills and trust in the groups’ game.

Time to relocate and take up a new opportunity.

across town operating to a global community,

Carrington Training Centre is the chosen estate,

experts assist aspiring trainees as they graduate.

Erected is an academy for the women’s team,

state of the art gym is fitted that’s supreme,

medical facilities with a rehabilitation section,

aiding ladies to progress in the right direction.

Past triumphs have an impact they left behind,

youth to the core, hardworking and very kind,

fans have memories, they leave nothing unsaid,

The Busby Babes legacy will never be dead.