Thanks to John Catterall from Salford for the following…

In 1958 when Manchester United were playing Red Star Belgrade in the Cup, Mr Best then just a teacher at the Clock School decided we could get a TV from Townsends and watch the match in the hall ( l say hall, it was a case of pushing the 2 partitions open to create a big classroom).

Anyway it was agreed that we would all pay 6d to get the TV for the match. The great day arrived and we were all excited. We watched as Mr Townsend brought the TV in. He set it up on top of one of those big cupboards that were outside Mrs Mate room. He had an indoor aerial which he positioned very carefully. We carried on with the lessons, the school was buzzing in anticipation of our treat.

Mr Best had told us we would all get a drink of orange squash and a biscuit while we watched the match and we could bring sweets in as well (but no bubble gum.). The time for kick off came and we moved down towards the front near the telly.

Mr Townsend arrived again for the great switch on. We watched and the screen glowed grey then there was a voice coming from the TV, loads of white snow then a hissing sound then the screen went black. No voices, no noise. The time told us the match had started but still no sign of life from the TV.

Mr Best was concerned. Mr “pop” Brown was agitated, meanwhile Mr Townsend scratched his head. Then came the dreaded news – the TV wasn’t going to work. Mr Townsend didnt have another one so that was it. Sorry kids you can all go home. GUTTED wasnt the word.

It was a few days later of course when the tragic Munich Air Crash happened and as a lot of us were United fans that would have been the last time we would see some of our heroes play.

We never got our 6d back either. Wonder if Linda Crook remembers that?