It happened 60 years ago
On a Munich runway in the driving snow
England’s finest football team,flying high
But their plane would never reach the sky
A tragedy that should never have been
How the cruellest of fates would intervene

ROGER BYRNE:A local lad,who captained the team
Lightning-quick and clever ,a leader supreme.

GEOFF BENT :Salford-born left back played just 12 games.
Not to be forgotten among much bigger names.

EDDIE COLEMAN:Snakehips they called him,he dazzled the crowd
The cheekie-chappie from Ordsall who made us so proud.

MARK JONES:Tough as old boots,he played without fear.
With true Yorkshire grit ,how we all shed a tear.

LIAM”BILLY” WHELAN;He hailed from Dublin,so gifted and neat.
A marksman so lethal with the ball at his feet.

TOMMY TAYLOR:The Barnsley-battler ,how the goals used to flow
The World Cup was beckoning,but we’ll never know.

DAVID PEGG:Swift as an arrow,he’d soar down the wing.
The Doncaster kid who made your heart sing.

DUNCAN EDWARDS:A colossus ,with everything, truly one of the greats
The dynamo from Dudley passed through Heaven@s Gates.

Twenty three people would die that day
Returning from Belgrade,for their souls we all pray.
Sir Matt Busby’s Babes,UNITED forever.
Their names will live on for ever and ever.

Listen to Lew Fink read the poem in this YouTube video