Between two homely streets
In a little town called Trudering,
Near Munich Germany
There’s a forever piece of Manchester
for any Red to see.
A pristine square and a patch of grass
hosts a stone mount copy of our tribute plaque.
Offered in 2004 to the good souls of Munich
By our thankful club, for all their help and care.
We have tributes from Bayern and the local mayor.
Doctors, staff and nurses join many Reds out there
On the 6th of February as always, we join them in our prayers.
If you look across the field from Manchesterplatz
You can see the old Airport tower
Where fans will lay red and white flowers
Under the original wooden field cross
Adorned with a crucifix that still stands.
Standing… still…
To mark the place where in fifty-eight
winter delivered deadly snow
to cause the Elizabethan aircraft to stop then go…
into a tragic, sickening slide.
Unforgettable moments took eight Busby Babes onto Heaven’s side.
23 souls passed to age no more
21 survived to grieve and endure.
So, as we join in remembrance in February each year
with our friends in Munich and fans worldwide
May the Flowers of Manchester live on with pride.