My life changed
On that Munich runway
For me it was
My saddest day

A little boy
A kid of eight
Full of anger
Full of hate

My mind consumed
With the disaster
No more happiness
No more laughter

My mind’s a daze
as I sit and stare
I’m empty inside and
there’s nothing there

I don’t play football
with my mates anymore
I just sit in my room
Behind my closed door

My ball’s in the corner
Under my chair
As I gaze out my window
there’s still nothing there

I shut my eyes
and drift away
Nightmares take me
back to that day

Harry my hero
Was so brave that day
I have to behave
In a similar way

Jimmy saved the club
and he rebuilt the team
I have quickly
Snap out of my dream

I get my football
And run to the park
Playing football again
Until it’s too dark

I’m all worn out
It’s the end of the day
As I climb into bed
And I drift away

But my nightmares take me
Back to that day
The pain and the hurt
Just won’t go away

I just lie in bed
And ask myself why
and drift off to sleep
With a tear in my eye

I still think of them
Each and every day
even now the pain
Still won’t go away.