About Munich58.co.uk

Built by 2 Manchester-based Manchester United fans, Munich58 was created to provide an on-line memorial to those who died at Munich, as well as to educate the new breed of United fans about the history of the club.

Born in 1967, we have no personal memories of Munich and therefore the majority of the information on the site was initially obtained from books and videos. However, the growth in popularity of the site has resulted in offers of help and subsequently, information has been supplied by others (Reds and non-Reds alike).

Munich58 T-Shirts

As a simple tribute to the Babes and the other victims of the crash, I wanted to create for myself a uniquely-designed t-shirt. Initially these were not for sale however, I’ve been asked many times where these t-shirts can be obtained from. Therefore I have set up a “Munich58 shop” however, I make no profit from the sale of the items available in the shop. The price advertised is the cost to make the item. More info here

Munich58 Wallpaper

We’ve produced a Munich58 wallpaper. This was created a few years ago when screen resolutions weren’t what they are today so it’s 800x600! You can download it here

Each February we meet up at Old Trafford to remember those who died Learn more