They were a group of young boys with passion and skill
With courage and pace they’d attack teams at will
An opposing players nightmare but a managers dream
The Busby Babes they were known as, oh what a team
With Matt as their father he’d allow them to play
Flowing football, steely grit was the show on display
But they relished a challenge, a much bigger test
So they ventured into Europe again to play against the best
But the loss of innocent lives that the club was about to mourn
The dreams of the players and fans would be shattered and torn
How great they could have been, tragically we’ll never know
Due to that dark day in Munich in heavy slushy snow
It shouldn’t have happened and we all ask ourselves why
But their spirits will live on, their memories will never die
So rest in peace as God has dealt your fate
To all the Busby Babes who were lost in ’58