Born in Ashington
and raised a Red
Spent his whole life
at Man United

A thoroughbred
with speed and skill
and thunder boots
Who scored at will

He made his debut
In Fifty six
Scoring twice
Between the sticks

He won the league
Europe was next
But the sweet FA
tried to object

At the JNA Stadium
Red Star Belgrade
Quarter final opponents
We’re completely outplayed

Then Munich came
We lost our team
On that runway
The end of our dream

Jimmy worked hard
To come up with a plan
For the semi final
Against AC Milan

For three months EUFA
postponed the match
So Jimmy could rebuild
A team from scratch

But Bobby was missing
when it was time to play
He was called up
In that month of May

To play for England
In a friendly game
Against Yugoslavia
The ground was the same

In the JNA stadium
Back in Belgrade
Which was the last game
Where the Busby Babes played

But all Bobby saw
Was a room full of ghosts
Of the late Busby Babes
Whom he cherished the most

Just imagine that moment
One can only assume
An unbearable feeling
Too much to consume

But Bobby rose
above all that
With the help of Jimmy
And recovering Matt

His lifetime achievements
Are second to none
He won everything
There was to be won

In October last year
He left us for heaven
To complete the first line up
Of the Babes eleven

Big Dunc was waiting
With a Big grin
and said you ain’t
Come here for nuffin

They’re all at peace now
In heaven above
Thanks for the memories
From us all with love